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Riccardo Cavolo

When you first “met” Frida?

I found a book with all the pieces of Frida and I completely fell in love with her work. It was like I met a sister in the world of art, an elder sister from whom learn a lot. Since then she is always with me, not as an stylistic inspiration, but sharing her taste for symbolism.

Which is your favourite drawing?

I think my favourite Frida’s work is her self-portrait with a monkey, a hummingbird and a black cat. Indeed, it is a kind of painting in which the scheme and the use of symbolism is so close to mine.

Which are the reason of the rediscovery of Frida Kahlo and which are the reason of this sudden recognition?

I think there were various rediscoveries of Frida Kahlo in the last decades. It is a shame, because it seems to mean that you did not known her deeply, or that she does not belong at that group of interesting artists that do not need to be rediscovered because they are timeless. Considering the progressive and widespread relevance woman got in the society recently, even the world of female artists is becoming a world to be discovered.


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