Basico SS17

Don't care about the hype

Basico Collection signs the wayback to simplicity, minimalist lines and monochrome materials. The finest quality vegan leather has a tailor-made treatment which gives to the ton sur ton backpacks and accessories an elegant and cozy allure. Basico SS’17 is the nice match between design and fashion..

Icon-Basico-Collection-IF-Bags basico-collection-IF-Bags
Icon-Basico-Collection-IF-Bags Icon-Basico-Collection-IF-Bags basico-collection-IF-Bags

Basico is designed and crafted in Milan, its urban and young attitude wants to remind everybody the most underrated quality of all: simplicity. Basico includes the patented IF rucksack in six nuances, this backpack has become through years an icon of linearity and streetwear elegance. Move to Basico.


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basico-collection-if-bags basico-collection-if-bags